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Strategies for prevention of corona and therapies with acupuncture for post-COVID syndrome

There are various ways of Chinese medicine to avoid contracting COVID 19. In addition, the various treatment methods – first and foremost acupuncture, are also ideally suited for follow-up treatment for long-Covid syndrome. Find out about the opportunities with TCM. Ask your TCM-Doctor in Düsseldorf, Dr. (CN) Li

Extended office hours

At the request of our patients, we are extending our consultation hours from 6pm to 7pm, except Wednesday afternoons.

Weight-loss and Fasting cure for the intestinal flora with the green plum

Why the green plum (Qingmei)? There are thousands of varieties of plums worldwide today, which have been cultivated for thousands of years. One of these many varieties is called the green plum (Qingmei), very popular in China, Japan and Korea. The Chinese had realised early on that green plums are both food and medicine. In …

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Hay fever: problems with ragweed, mugwort and birch

Currently even more difficult at the time of the pandemic: coping with allergies with a mask and sneezing attacks. Treat pollen allergy now with acupuncture! Pollen allergies are bothersome and take away the joy of nature. Drops, sprays or tablets against hay fever bring short-term relief of the typical symptoms, but long-term use of them …

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