Hay fever: problems with ragweed, mugwort and birch

Currently even more difficult at the time of the pandemic: coping with allergies with a mask and sneezing attacks. Treat pollen allergy now with acupuncture!

Pollen allergies are bothersome and take away the joy of nature. Drops, sprays or tablets against hay fever bring short-term relief of the typical symptoms, but long-term use of them has undesirable side effects.

In case of hay fever, acupuncture is used more and more often, which brings the immune system back into balance with the help of fine needle pricks on the meridians (channels). The good effect can be seen in our daily practice.

According to modern traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), hay fever is a weakness of the lungs. The flow of life energy in the upper respiratory organs is blocked as a result. For the therapy to be successful, an acupuncturist must strengthen the function of the lungs and spleen and drive away the pathogenic factor “wind”. He does this by placing needles on immune-activating points on the collarbone, upper arm, wrist and thumb.

Practical information on the treatment of hay fever with acupuncture

The ideal is to come for acupuncture treatments 2-3 weeks before the expected start of the hay fever season. An additional ear acupuncture or an individually tailored Chinese medicinal herb recipe promises even more success. After one year, it is advisable to repeat the treatment in order to ensure long-term success.