Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a part of Chinese culture and has a history of over 3000 years. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, the yin-yang harmony of the internal organs plays a decisive role for our health and well-being.

In TCM, diagnosis is based on the recognition of yin-yang disturbances. Balancing yin-yang disruptions is the key to therapy. TCM treatment focuses not only on the individual organ that is diseased, but also the bigger picture of the disease at large, towards well-being as a whole. In this way, the yin-yang imbalances can be adjusted.


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has a number of treatment methods that are founded on the same theories and principles. At our centre for Traditional Chinese Medicine in Düsseldorf we will take clinical pictures and discuss your complaints further. We will use the pulse and tongue examination method to make a personal diagnosis for you and apply the Chinese healing methods that are most appropriate for your specific condition.